As Yeshiva University High School for Boys embarks upon the second century of its storied history, we look to transform the historic Zysman Hall to enable YUHSB to continue to serve at the forefront of Jewish education.

This ambitious project will facilitate greater educational opportunities for our students by creating new educational spaces that promote 21st century learning, adding spaces focused on educating the whole student, and updating current spaces to promote greater learning.


The transformed Makom Torah, which includes the historic Fischel Beis Midrash, will provide space for hundreds of high school, college and semicha students of Yeshiva to both learn Torah and daven in an environment fit for the highest quality of avodas Hashem. Guests to the building will immediately be presented with the breathtaking view of massive Torah study via the glass entrance walls.


As we look to celebrate the significant past of both the yeshiva and the building, we are excited to “go back to the future” with a state-of-the-art 21st century classroom that leverages the more traditional high ceilings, partnered with furniture that enables a variety of both individual and collaborative learning styles. The learning environment will be immeasurably improved as a result of enhanced natural and LED lighting paired with a new HVAC system, which will ensure well circulated fresh air.


Home to the legendary MTA Lions hockey, soccer and wrestling teams, as well as the daily physical education courses, the Lions’ Den has been the site of a plethora of incredible moments and memories. In the renovated Den, family and friends will be able to comfortably share in these experiences via the new fan seating area, while the team enjoys the comforts of the new locker room space.


At the epicenter of Zysman Hall lies a historic space with the iconic stained glass windows that remains lovingly etched in the hearts of thousands of alumni; it is a room that has served as the lifeblood of the building since its inception. As we transform for 21st century learning, this room will become the academic hub where students can collaborate together in a comfortable, dynamic space equipped with the necessary technology and tools to take on new challenges and broaden their skills. It will continue to house the Joseph Alexander Library.


Students looking for a space to relax during free time need to look no further than the comfortable and inviting Student Lounge. Heavily branded MTA, the space will offer leisurely activities, some snacks and refreshments, and, most importantly, allow the hard-working students a place to unwind.


The brand new theater provides an unparalleled transformative experiential space. With its modern color scheme, blackout window shades, and enhanced audio/visual system, student minds will be immersed in the content being presented, transporting their imaginations to new worlds, places and ideas.


The new music room will allow both MTA’s award-winning band and students of the Belz School of Music a special space to practice and to record their latest hits.


“In the 21st century, scientific and technological innovations have become increasingly important as we face the benefits and challenges of both globalization and a knowledge-based economy. To succeed in this new information-based and highly technological society, students need to develop their capabilities in STEM to levels much beyond what was considered acceptable in the past.” (National Science Foundation)

In the new state-of-the-art STEM lab, students will have the opportunity to benefit from hands-on and minds-on lessons that develop their skills in these critical disciplines, as their passions are ignited. The STEM program at MTA is designed to create critical thinkers that are ready to serve at the forefront of innovation.

Dedication Opportunities

For more information and to get involved, please contact:

Elissa Schertz



Miriam and Alan Goldberg
Alissa Horn
Dena and Alex Kaye

Jessica and Laizer Kornwasser
Miriam Pfeiffer
Deena and Harvey Wrubel