Naomi Gershkowitz Lipnick

Naomi Gershkowitz Lipnick

Office Staff, 1956-1981

I was originally hired by Norman B. Abrams a”h and Rabbi David Weinbach, a”h. Mr. Abrams had certain wordings that will never be forgotten by those students who knew him.

One of his favorite ones was if a student did not behave, he told them, “You are suspended indefinitely, come tomorrow morning for an admit.” Of course, he had his accent that was special to him. When he wanted a student to bring a parent to school, his speech then was, “Your mother or father or one of your parents.” I had to sit there and try not to laugh.

I remember Mrs. Weitzendorf, the high school dorm mother who was really very kind to the boys and baked cookies; not everyone liked them, but she had a warm heart and smile to all. So, if a boy came from a distance, she was always there to comfort those who may have been a little homesick.

I remember when Rabbi Dulitz would make the students nervous if they did not know Shakespeare by heart. You see, he had a photographic memory and could not understand that the students did not.

I also remember when YUHS played a pre-game in Madison Square Garden.

There have been many wonderful memories I still have of the students that attended while I was there. It has been years since I was working at the school, but I must say, that when I meet alumni l I get a great greeting. Those are the memories that I still treasure.

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