Meir Lewis ’94

Meir Lewis ’94

Mastering Chemistry

One of my prouder moments in MTA relates to 10th grade Chemistry. I am not sure these are still common, but back then there was an aptitude exam called the Achievement test, which was somewhere between Regents and APs in difficulty level. It was essentially an optional year-end exam that helped bolster a college application.

During the Chemistry Achievement test, I was convinced there was no right answer to one of the questions. It was somewhat frustrating to me, so that night I wrote a letter to the exam board explaining the chemistry issues at stake.

Attached is the thoughtful response. I still keep this framed letter on my desk — 25 years later, as a reminder of the life lesson.

This experience taught me to question things I think are wrong and be persistent until I get a suitable explanation. It also speaks to the science aptitude of MTA as many of the other exam takers from other high schools seemed to assume they just didn’t know and put forth a guess.

It happens to be my aunt, Miriam Chopp, is a chemistry teacher at Central (YUHSG) and tells over this story occasionally.

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